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Not just carbon neutral—we’re carbon conscious

At Nuttch, we’ve gone full detective mode on our carbon footprint. Yep, we’ve counted every last greenhouse gas emission, from when our materials are born to when they land on your doorstep. Why? Because we’re obsessed with making activewear that doesn’t just look good on you but is also good for the planet. Being carbon-neutral certified isn’t just a badge for us—it’s a promise. A promise to offset all the carbon we’ve ever dreamed of emitting by investing in projects that love the earth back, like renewable energy and reforestation. This is our way of giving Mother Nature a high five.

Clean Energy? Check.

Our dye house is nailing it in the eco-friendly department. This place makes sure workers are happy, and the planet is happier, minimizing environmental side effects like it’s no big deal.

The coolest part? They’ve gone solar, covering over 70% of their daytime energy needs. It’s a power move towards self-sufficiency, slashing carbon footprints, and saving power in a high-energy industry. Talk about setting the bar high!

Clean Chemistry? Double check.

Flashing the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, you’re basically giving a big thumbs up to keeping everyone safe—consumers, workers, and Mother Earth.

It’s like your products are saying, “We’ve got your back,” making sure any sketchy chemicals stay way below the “no worries” line, sticking to OEKO-TEX’s strict safety regulations, from the yarn to the finished fabrics and all the treatments in between.

We give back—always.

Our promise to you and the planet.

We really want to make a change, and crafting amazing activewear is just the beginning. At Nuttch, we’re driven by the belief that to truly make an impact, we need to extend our efforts beyond our products and into the heart of our planet.

Partnering with 1% for the Planet allows us to contribute to various environmental causes, from combating climate change and preserving wildlife to supporting sustainable agriculture and clean water initiatives.

It's about making every purchase from Nuttch count towards a larger purpose, ensuring that you're part of a community dedicated to making a real difference with every stretch, sprint, and stride.