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At Nuttch, we’re on a mission to understand their impact—from the ground up or the fiber up. We’re all about making conscious choices, picking the best, and doing the best for our planet, people, and products.

We’re big on traceability. Knowing where our yarns come from and how they’re made matters to us. That’s why we’ve chosen GRS-certified recycled yarns— because we can follow their journey from production to product. We want our materials to be as clean and safe as possible—free from hazardous chemicals, kind to those who make and wear our products, and gentle on the earth.

When we talk about our yarns, we’re talking about materials that meet the highest environmental standards. We consider all these factors: water impact, energy use, land use, cost, greenhouse gas emissions, human and eco-toxicity, garment care implications, and availability. It’s a comprehensive approach because we believe in doing thorough homework.

So, what materials do we use?


By adopting a mechanical recycling process, Q-NOVA® transforms nylon waste into a new, eco-friendly polymer, sidestepping the heavy energy demands of chemical recycling. This choice significantly cuts down energy use and carbon emissions, marking a leap towards a more sustainable fashion future.