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A Journey Through our Production Process

Through our innovative process, we are able to repurpose nylon offcuts that would have otherwise been discarded and turn them into new fabric. Our fabrics are made with a 3D texture to improve body fit and feel. They're coated with a safe and effective anti-microbial and anti-odor treatment.

Produced in Lombardia, Italy - a global hub of fashion - these fabrics are manufactured nearby where they are cut, sewn, and packaged for shipment to our warehouses in the USA.

Our journey begins with the materials that we use to create our garments. We're proud to use recycled yarn made from industrial waste nylon using a cutting-edge process that ensures all waste is recovered in the same production district where the material is recycled and the bobbins spun.

Scraps Selection

The initial stage of our yarn production involves meticulous sorting and selection of industrial nylon scraps. These waste materials originate from different production lines within the same district, which would otherwise end up in landfills. Through this process, we ensure the waste we recover is of high quality, suitable for recycling.

Mechanical Recycling

Selected nylon scraps are subjected to a mechanical recycling process. The scraps are shredded into small fragments, then processed further to break down the nylon into reusable materials. The result of this stage is the production of chips of recycled nylon, maintaining the original properties without the need for chemical additives or materials that could affect traceability.

Yarn Spinning

The chips are extruded through a highly controlled process to create a recycled polymer, then spun into our high-quality, durable, soft yarn. This process is fully traceable, ensuring that our recycled nylon yarn is sustainable from start to finish, aligning with our commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

Innovative Knitting Process

Then, our local partner in the same production district takes over. The partner utilizes our recycled nylon yarn, feeding it into innovative knitting machines. These machines seamlessly knit the garments from top to bottom in one piece. This process makes efficient use of our sustainable yarn, supports local businesses, and reduces the carbon footprint of the garment's production journey. Handmade details are essential to creating a high-quality garment, and we use skilled artisans to hand-sew certain parts of the garment.

Clean Dyeing

In our dyeing stage, we emphasize sustainability and responsibility. We strictly regulate chemical usage, mitigating the impact on human health and the environment. This factory employs advanced water management, reusing and treating water within a closed-loop system. We adhere to the OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certification, restricting harmful chemicals, and prioritize energy efficiency by using eco-friendly machines and solar power. This conscientious process aligns with our mission to promote a sustainable and responsible fashion industry.