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The Knitting & Sewing Factory

This company is a family-run business that is completely involved in the production of our garments. Our brand is proud to hold over 20 years of experience in the artisanal production of high-quality garments.

They have been determined to step up to the challenge in making products with the lowest possible environmental impact, while maintaining the quality and longevity of traditional garments.

3D Seamless Knitting

With the aid of electronic seamless knitting machines, they convert our recycled yarns into functional fabrics. These machines not only aids in waste reduction but also grants us a significant degree of control over the fabric's properties. They allow a detailed control over the garment's construction. This means that we can tailor the characteristics of the fabric to suit each specific garment, ensuring a unique fit, comfort and performance to our collections.

Detail-Oriented Craftsmanship

After the knitting phase, they check the quality of our pieces. Given the seamless construction, there's less waste when moving to the sewing stage. The items then go through a trimming process to finalize the details. After this, they're sent to the dye house.

Localized Production

We take pride in knitting, trimming and sewing our garments in the same production hub where the nylon is recycled and turned into bobbins. Through partnerships with local producers and recycling companies in the industrial area, we are able to transform industrial waste through a 0-kilometer production.